Fine Dust Increases Local Anxiety


Due to the daily amounts of fine dust, many people check its concentration with their mobile phones. TBC and local research teams measured the concentration in neighborhoods and the level was very different from the one provided by Daegu city. Daegu city is publishing an average measurement figure and the data is insufficient. The situation in Gyeongbuk is worse.

In both areas of Suseong-gu, fine dust was measured at 57 micrograms and 65 micrograms respectively, and the fine dust levels inside an apartment complex increased to over 70 micrograms. Even though both measurement points were in the same area, the fine dust measurement values differed by up to 60% compared to the one provided by Daegu city.’s hard to know the exact concentration of fine dust in each neighborhood.

As measuring stations for collecting atmospheric information are installed at high altitudes and there are only thirteen stations in Daegu, it’s hard to know the exact concentration of fine dust in each neighborhood.

Experts suggest that adjacent areas also need to increase the accuracy of atmospheric information by increasing the measurement equipment since the difference in fine dust concentration is greater.

We need to urgently expand measurement facilities to reflect the actual situation, so that we can accurately know and respond to the information of ‘our neighborhood fine dust’ which is directly connected with the safety of residents.…

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