International Students Come to Daegu


High schools in Daegu seek to attract more foreign students from abroad this year.

Thanks to the academic atmosphere of the local schools and good transportation conditions, the number of foreign students recently has surged three times higher than last year. Valeria, 17-years-old, came from Mexico and is studying as an exchange student for one year in Daegu through a public foundation run by United States Department of State. Even though she is not fluent in Korean, she is getting more and more interested in K-pop and Korean food. Valeria is one of many foreign students bridging the gap and forming lasting friendships through cultural exchange.


This semester, 10 high school students from the USA, Germany and Mexico have come to Daegu and 20 more students from 10 countries are scheduled to come in the 2nd semester. The number of foreign students in Daegu high school last year increased three times more in a year. Students who have returned to their home countries had high opinions of South Korea in recent years where reconciliatory atmosphere with North Korea and the convenience of public transportation facilities contribute to their positive impression. However, connecting foreign students with volunteering families remains a challenge for those who have come to experience Korean culture.…

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