Japanese Travel Writer Promotes Daegu Tourism


Daegu City will reinforce promotion of overseas tours using local tourism influencers by appointing Sora Ahn, a Japanese travel writer, who published the first Daegu tour booklets in Japan in February as Honorary Commissioner of Daegu tourism.

The first Japanese travel writer, Sora-Ahn (pen name of Yasuda Ryoko, Yasuda Ryoko) published the booklets, “Weekend & Travel in Korea’s third city Daegu”, “48 ways to enjoy Daegu” and received rave reviews from the local on and offline bookstores in Japan, printing the second edition.

Daegu City will commemorate the publication of the Daegu travel booklet by appointing the author Sora Ahn as the “Honorary Commissioner of Daegu tourism” to promote tourism in Daegu and attract Japanese tourists. She chose Daegu for her first local travel book in Korea as she wanted to spread the charm of Daegu to many people.


Sora Ahn told reporters, Daegu is a city where tradition and modernity coexist and the traditional scenery, alleys, and modern architecture still remain unlike those in Seoul.

Publishing the booklets, Daegu locals responded that they didn’t even know how nice of a place their hometown was and felt rather surprised and thankful that the Japanese published the travel booklet of Daegu. She believes if Daegu citizens are more aware of the potential of Daegu as tourist attraction, and have their warm welcoming mind to tourists, it will help inform the charm of Daegu.

Kim Seung-soo, Vice administrative mayor of the Daegu Metropolitan City, said, “I am well aware of that Daegu a city where tradition and modernity coexist. We hope that the booklets and her publicity would contribute greatly to raise awareness of Daegu and I will do my best to attract tourists by developing tourism products and strengthening PR overseas”

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