Daegu Responds to Inter-Korean Summit


The historic inter-Korean summit held on the 27th, created a buzz of hope and peace for most Daegu citizens.

“I was touched by the impressive and dramatic meeting of President Moon Jae-in and Chairman Kim Jong-un at Panmunjom, while watching it on live broadcast at home. I hope that the era of true peace will come to the Korean peninsula through this summit,” said Ms. Park (44, Shinchun-dong).


I watched the live broadcasts with my friends, and I couldn’t believe that this was real.

A Middle Eastern-American school lecturer (30) in Dalseo-gu, Daegu, said, “It feels strange to be able to observe such historical moments while in Korea. I am more interested in the outcome of the talks as the North-South summit is held following the inter-Korean summit.”

University student Choi (21) said, “I watched the live broadcasts with my friends, and I couldn’t believe that this was real. I hope unification comes soon so that the economy of North and South Korea could prosper and people could travel to North Korea.”

I hope this summit could build sincere peace...

Kim (27), a graduate student, said, “I remember hard and uneasy times when I was serving in the army from the continuous provocations of North Korea,” and “I hope this summit could build sincere peace through concrete reconciliation and measures, creating jobs and opening a new era between North and South Korea.”

There was also some concerning voices that the summit would end in a political show ahead of the election.

Jin (73), who had experienced the Korean War, said, “It doesn’t seem good due to the Cheonan incident and as the generation that directly experienced the war. Anyway, I hope that the talks would bring about satisfactory results and discuss issues such as comfort women and Dokdo. “

“I do not think North Korea will completely eliminate its nuclear weapons from this summit,” said a 43-year-old salary man. “It is likely that North Korea will lead the negotiations on a favorable basis by drawing a line of peace declaration that is different from the declaration of the end of the war. I hope the talks will not become just a political show.”

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