DMOE Builds Schools in Nepal


On April 26th, the Daegu Metropolitan Office of Education held a ceremony for the completion of the ‘Human School’ in Simpanni, Nepal with the Eom Hong-gil Human Foundation.

Since May 2016, the two institutions have worked to build the Simpanni Human School, which consists of 18 classrooms on 3 floors, using 470 million won funded by the “Collecting Coins for Love Sharing” and various bazaars.


The ‘community class’ is a special classroom...

The ‘community class’ is a special classroom that contains large TVs, computers, books, and donor name plates, which includes information about schools in Korea and Daegu. The donor name plate contains the names of 49,363 students, 307 schools, and 43 institutions, including students who have donated to build the schools.

Woo dong-gi, Superintendent of Daegu City said, “I am proud that Daegu students have gathered their hearts to build a new school in a remote area of Nepal.”

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