Fire in Songhyun-dong Norebang


A fire in Songhyun-dong karaoke room lead to one death and four injuries – according to Police analysis of CCTV footage.

On May 5, at about 4:47 am, a fire in the karaoke room located on the basement floor of a building in the Song-hyun neighborhood killed “Person A” (aged 58) and injured four others, including the karaoke’s owner “Person B” (aged 60).


100 square meters of the karaoke room were destroyed along with property totaling 18 million KRW. According to the police, “Person B” claims that “Person A” was a former lover and responsible for the fire. The police are continuing their investigation into the cause, but they suspect the presence of gasoline in the room.

A police official at the Dalseo station said, “The four people in the karaoke room at the time of the fire were able to escape safely via the emergency stairs. We are currently in the process of confirming the identity of the deceased person and their intent in starting the fire.”

Yeongnam Ilbo – Suh Jung-hyuk

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