Water Supply to Resume for Suseong-gu


Starting this month, the Unmun Dam in Cheongdo, a water source for Suseong-gu, will resume providing tap water. Thanks to a severe drought, water supply from the dam was cut off for 4 months

According to the Korea Water Resources Corporation, the current water storage capacity of the Unmun Dam currently stands at 34.9% (56 million tons), a marked improvement from the mere 8.2% in February. The required minimum capacity for operations to resume is 40%.

Since water levels in the dam have recovered to an average of 139 to 140 meters, officials at the Daegu Metropolitan Waterworks Headquarters expect to supply tap water soon. The current water level is 136.2 meters.


An official for Waterworks said, “Although we were expecting to provide tap water earlier this month, a shortage of rainfall has caused a slight delay.”

The Korea Water Resources Corporation will provide 127,000 tons of water per day to the Suseong area. Sources say that, “The full recovery of the dam’s water supply is possible after the rainy season.”

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Yeongnam Ilbo – Yang Seung-jin

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