“Chimek City” Daegu Gains Fame in US Military


Thanks to AFN (American Forces Network), Daegu has become known as the capital of Chimek.

On the 5th of this month, AFN filmed a cooking class hosted by the local chicken brand “Chimek King” at their R&D center in Suseong-dong. The special will air at the end of the month for US servicemen and women worldwide. 6 people including service members from Camp Henry and Camp Walker participated in the making of wingbong chicken and chicken mayo.


One of the participants, Dipala Brown, (48) said, “I was able to experience the flavor of Daegu’s chicken, which is different from what I’ve eaten in America. In the past, I didn’t know much about Daegu chimek, but this opportunity to make the chicken myself has kindled my curiosity.”

Johnny Jackson, a reporter for AFN who covered the class, said, “The reactions from the participants were surprisingly enthusiastic.” The idea for the event came from the CEO of Chimek King: Yoon Min-hwan. Yoon’s company was the first in Daegu to host a Chimek experience program for US military members.

Yoon said, “I feel proud because this opportunity has given Daegu’s chicken a proper introduction. Chicken cooking classes for the US military in the month of July have closed. Through this program, I hope to contribute to the resurgence of the local economy and further promote Daegu as the city of Chimek.”



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