Downtown Sparks with New Life


A new landmark will be born at Dongseong-ro, which is one of Korea’s 3 largest commercial areas. The Daegu Dongseong-ro parking lot, which has been in limbo since 2014, passed a construction examination by the Jung-gu office on May 16 and will finally be open to the general public, marking the end of a 5-year journey.

The 9,927 square meters of the parking lot is unusually large for a metropolitan commercial center. It’s been receiving widespread attention due to its proximity to public transportation and the significant population of the area. This development proposal is the first stage of a bigger project that envisions a 3,578 square meter shopping mall with eight stories. The area would have a total of 24,007 square meters of floor space along with the rooftop Ferris wheel. Dowon Investment & Development Co., Ltd. Is promoting and launching the brand “Spark” as a combination of the word street and park.


Lee Dong-kyung, CEO of Dowon, said “As an experienced developer, I wanted to undertake an important and creative challenge by studying famous buildings around the world."

Although Dongseong-ro is located in a business district akin to Myeong-dong in Seoul or Seomyeon in Busan, its unique alley-way culture suits the taste of younger generations. In Daegu, the center of the city is more commonly referred to as “downtown” rather than “Dongseong-ro”. Spark, a new concept theme shopping mall should become the envy of business owners as it differentiates itself as an icon of a new “play” culture.

Lee Dong-kyung, CEO of Dowon, said, “Dongseong-ro is not only a street for young people, it’s also a big part of Daegu’s economy. With this project, we will write our own page in history.”

The most noticeable feature of Spark will be the rooftop and more specifically its ferris wheel. In other famous cities located in Europe or Japan, ferris wheels are regarded as symbols of the city. Spark will be a new center for extending Dongseong-ro’s culture by providing a unique customer experience.

Despite its copper wire and MD configuration, Spark offers an escalator inspired by the Pompidou Center of Paris, a walking trail with a view of the building’s exteriors, an alleyway on the first floor, and an MD on every floor. There will also be a VR theme park, bowling alley, roller skating rink, and rooftop bar which will introduce a distinctive culture of “play” that has never been present in Daegu.…

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