Living Radiation 119 Site Opened for Citizens


The Daegu Environmental Movement Association has opened a site for citizens to report daily levels of radiation.

Due to the recent “Radon Bed” controversy, the association released a statement on the 19th of June, “Radon, a level 1 carcinogen has been found in beds and detected at higher than average levels, while the whole nation has been exposed. The manufacturer has been promoting the beds as “good for health” in their advertisements and these misleading statements are still being circulated in public.”


According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), level 1 carcinogens are usually present in substances like tobacco smoke and asbestos, which can lead to diseases such as cancer. An official at the Association said “We will provide a Q & A forum on the 119 site for citizens regarding the rising radioactive levels and do our best to ensure government officials will conduct a thorough investigation regarding the products in question.”

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The site went live on June 19th and can be accessed via the official website of the Korea Environmental Movement Association ( A citizen wishing to file a complaint regarding can simply visit the website, enter the name of the product, and fill out a radon meter.


Reporter Chae Won-young…

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