Military Helicopter Crashes in Pohang


On July 17th at 4:46 pm, a military helicopter with 6 Marines aboard crashed on a runway at a Naval base in Pohang. According to military officials, the helicopter was acquired this past January and caught fire 10 meters above the ground and burst into flames. Military authorities completed rescue efforts around 5 pm, while one firefighter was injured during the operation.

Pohang Air Base is a Marine runway used in conjunction with the Navy’s 6th Fleet. The sole survivor from the helicopter was taken to Ulsan University Hospital. A fire official said, “The bodies of the five deceased were taken care of and the injured person has been sent to the hospital.”

The five deceased Marines have been identified as Pilot Kim (45), Co-pilot Nomo (36), Sergeant Kim (26), Crew member Kim (21), and Sergeant Park (20). The injured Marine has been identified as Kim (43).

Marine Corps Command will form a committee to investigate the cause of the accident.

Maeil Ilbo – Bae Hyung-wook…

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