The Dokdo Speaking Contest


The 2018 Korean speech contest for foreign students on the love of Dokdo was co- hosted by Northern Gyeongsang Province and Daegu University. During the event, students gathered together to speak about the truth regarding Dokdo Island.

The 8th annual event was held at the small theater of Daegu University’s community service center. 12 teams totaling 43 foreign students from 12 countries including Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Mongolia, presented skits, speeches, and musical numbers to promote the territorial sovereignty of Dokdo.

They received positive responses from audiences by presenting the realities of Dokdo from the perspectives of foreigners. In particular, 24 teams, the largest number ever, participated in the preliminary rounds. This reflected the growing interest of Dokdo to foreigners.


Northern Gyeongsang Province has appointed the final 12 teams as “Dokdo supporters” and the students promised to do their best to promote as oversea Dokdo supporters which as of this year number to 260 in total.

At the competition, various performances by traditional Korean music bands and dance clubs from Daegu University were presented to celebrate the event. After the event, all participants had an opportunity to communicate and exchange ideas with foreign students.

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Changho Won, the section chief of Dokdo policy at Northern Gyeongsang province, said “From this year, more activities will be executed to promote Dokdo overseas by establishing networks among ‘Dokdo Supports’. Through these efforts, they can share information and participate in promotions actively.

Reporter Park Young-chae – 박영채 기자

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