Daegu Airport’s Curfew Time Under Debate


There’s been a battle between the city of Daegu, the Dong-gu office, and the Air Force over the adjustment of curfew time at Daegu International Airport. The curfew refers to the time in which aircraft are prohibited from taking off or landing to reduce disruptive noises.

While the curfew was scheduled to end on July 31st, local officials announced on August 6th that it would be extended through August. This is due to stalled negotiations between the city of Daegu and the Dong-gu office.


The city is suggesting maintaining the current curfew, citing that the Daegu Airport has been largely active since reduction to five hours (midnight to 5 am) in 2014. However, the Air Force has demanded a concrete agreement from the Dong-gu office to ensure they will comply with the wishes of residents.

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The Dong-gu office has been reluctant to accept these circumstances and sent a passive agreement to the city late last month that read, “We agree in principle to maintain the current curfew time as it stands.”

The city and Dong-gu office both have mixed views regarding the four-year adjustment period. Daegu has proposed to set the curfew indefinitely and is willing to negotiate whenever it’s deemed necessary for the revitalization of the airport.

However, the Dong-gu office said, “The number of flights and civilian complaints have increased in the past four years. It’d be better to set new curfew every four years to coincide with the term of the local head of government.”

A Daegu city official disclosed that, “We will finish negotiations with the district office by the end of the month and deliver a written statement to the Air Force asking for maintenance of the current curfew time.”


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