Historical Artifacts Discovered in a Tomb in Andong


According to the Korean Studies Institute, many historical artifacts dating to the Joseon dynasty including a funeral streamer written by Lee Hwang (famous Korean scholar), were discovered from a tomb in Andong.

The institute announced on September 3rd that the streamer was discovered while they were moving the tomb of Kwon Kwing, who was the uncle-in-law of Lee Hwang. The streamer is a flag used for funerals to mourn the deceased by paying tribute to their actions in life and leads them to a better place.


The streamer is 39 cm wide and 128 cm long, contains a picture of a lotus flower, and a 40-character poem, which pays tribute to Kwon Kwing. In addition, another 14 streamers were discovered and one of them was written by Yoo Joong-ryung, who was the father of Yoo Sung-ryung (famous politician of the Joseon dynasty).

It’s very rare for artifacts dating back before the Joseon-Japanese War to be found. This also marks the first time a large example of Lee Hwang’s writing has been discovered. It’s estimated that the artifacts are worth more than standard national treasure levels. This is because they are pieces of work not found in other literary texts or historical records.

According to scholars, “The artifacts discovered are of great historical value because they were hand-written by famous Joseon-era scholars. Most of the works were burned after their funerals, but these were preserved.”

The institute said, “We plan to display them for public exhibition by the end of the year once the preservation process is complete.”


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