2018 Andong International Mask Dance Festival


On September 28th, the 2018 Andong International Mask Dance Festival kicked off with a grand opening ceremony focused on “fun” and “excitement”. The festival will last for 10 days. More than 1,000 people gathered at Mask Dance Park near the Nakdong River to mark the start of the festival. In addition, ritual ceremonies such as Sunghwangjae and Seojae were held at Ungbu and Culture parks, while a traditional marching band, Cheetadae, performed to celebrate the opening of the festival.

The opening ceremony featured a variety of performances such as an LED show, fireworks, and acrobats. 240 international (from 13 countries) and 400 local performers got together to celebrate the festival. 24 ambassadors from 8 different countries including Slovakia, Honduras, Latvia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Paraguay attended the ceremony and will tour the Andong area for 2 days.


This year’s festival features 14 dance teams from 13 countries including Latvia, China, South Africa, Israel, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, the Yakutia Republic, and Korea. Traditional games such as Chaejeon Nori will be performed.

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On September 29th, Korea and Thailand will celebrate the 60th anniversary of their diplomatic ties. In conjunction with the Thai Embassy of Korea and the Thai Ministry of Culture, multiple cultural events including exhibitions and puppet shows will be presented. More importantly, the Thai masks on display are of high cultural significance.

On September 30th, thousands of Andong citizens will get together for an outdoor performance named “Vitalmin”. The mayor of Andong Kwon Young-sae said, “The Andong International Mask Dance Festival has been a 22-year tradition, which serves as an incubator for local performers. Also, the festival has won first-place from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.”

The Andong Mask Dance Festival will end October 7th. Don’t miss the last weekend to experience a wonderful cultural event.



Reporter Um Jae-jin 2000jin@msnet.co.kr


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