Daegu Taxi Fares to Increase in November


Daegu taxi fares are set to increase significantly for the first time in 5 years and 10 months.

The Daegu Metropolitan Government announced on September 28th that it passed a plan which would raise base taxi fares from 2,800 KRW to 3,300 KRW. Customers will be charged 100 KRW per 134 meters and 100 won every 32 seconds, which is a 14.1 percent increase.


The average cost for a taxi ride in Daegu was 4,500 KRW but is now projected to be 5,100 KRW. For example, a 10-kilometer fare will cost 900 KRW more, while a 20-kilometer fare will cost 1,500 KRW more than previous fares.

Since 2013, Daegu taxis have charged a base fare of 2,300 KRW for medium taxis, 100 KRW for every 100 meters, and 100 KRW for every 34 seconds. Taxi companies and drivers have repeatedly called for higher fares due to minimum wage increases and rising fuel costs. The city of Daegu rejected the idea citing public disapproval and inflation. However, research conducted by the city suggested an increase in taxi fares considering a 54 percent increase in minimum wage (since 2013) and rising costs of living.

A Daegu city official said, “According to research, we found that delaying taxi fare increases would lead to more reckless driving and refusing service to customers. We will have discussions regarding taxi fares every year to prevent drastic increases. The city will guide taxi companies to use the extra money to improve driver’s welfare and wages.”

Reporter Kim Keun-woo lakehouse51@msnet.co.kr


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