Rotavirus Infection at Daegu University Hospital


The number of newborn babies infected with rotavirus has increased to 15 at Daegu University Hospital.

On September 27th, government and hospital officials confirmed that one newborn baby who was discharged contracted the virus. The newborn was discharged before the outbreak of the virus on the 23rd. However, on September 26th, it was confirmed that the baby had been infected.


As a result, the hospital decided to examine six other newborn babies who were discharged during the incubation period. Between the 21st and 23rd, 26 babies were in the hospital. Meanwhile, it was confirmed that a newborn released on the 23rd had been tested for admission to postnatal care and was infected with rotavirus.

Currently, 15 babies have tested positive for the virus excluding the 6 who were discharged and the 5 who tested negative. 13 out of the 15 have been quarantined in intensive care. A hospital official said, “The quarantined newborns are displaying either mild or no symptoms.”

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