Leveraging Daegu Health College’s Overseas Educational Contents Sales


Hit 3 birds with 1 stone; vitalizing exchange with overseas colleges, hosting international students, and promoting ‘K-wave’

Daegu Health College’s (DHC / President Nam, Sung-hee) overseas sales of its educational contents have proven its success in overseas; namely the international exchange with overseas colleges/industries, hosting international students, and promoting ‘K-wave.’

DHC developed 3 online (e-learning) programs in February in the fields of K-Wedding, K-Food, and K-Dental.  These programs have been promoted to colleges and industries in South East Asian countries as well as China.  The goal of these programs are to spread Korean style of wedding make up & hair, food, and dental techniques in countries where Korean culture is popular.  Students from overseas took flipped learning method – allowing the students to receive online training in their counties and visit Korea later to receive hands-on training for a week or two.

The program has been phenomenal for the past year.  DHC’s programs largely contributed to the school’s networking with overseas colleges.  DHC has established more than 10 networks with colleges overseas and also hosted some of their students.  47 students and 3 professors from Angeles University, Philippines, visited Korea from 15 to 22 February to take part in DHC’s programs.  The same members took the online course in Philippines last fall and made their visit to Korea.  The visitors learned how to cook Korean cuisine (rice, soup, stew, pancake, noodle, meat, and steamed food) and also explored Korean culture.  In October and November last year the 12 students from the Adamson University and the Centro Escolar University (Philippines) took the K-Food and the K-Wedding courses in DHC.  DHC’s K-program e-learning students amount to 236 students world-wide while the students who completed their courses at DHC sum up to 127 students from 6 universities in 2 countries.

DHC also signed 16 memorandums of understanding (MoU) with 16 universities around the world to include 7 from Philippines, 3 from Vietnam and 1 from Australia.  In addition, DHC enjoyed strenuous relationship with the industries.  DHC found Dental Technician Education Center in Ningbo, China, in partnership with Ningbo Runyes Medical Instrument Co.,ltd., while signing 35 MoUs with companies in China and South East Asian countries.

DHC’s educational programs also had positive impact on hosting overseas students.  DHC established two overseas promotion centers in Vietnam and one in Uzbekistan to host their students, where 48 students have enrolled into DHC as a result.  The number of overseas students enrolled in DHC grew largely from 3 in 2016 / 12 in 2017 to 48 in 2018, proving that the school’s educational contents had huge effect.

Last but not least, the DHC programs shared the excellence of Korean educational programs thereby raising the bar for the ‘K-wave’ in education as well as the school’s brand image.  DHC plans to continue to develop its programs with benefits earned from programs and the school’s investments.

President of DHC, Dr. Nam, Sung-hee (64·Female) said “exporting overseas educational contents program began as part of the World Class College (WCC) project.  As we strived to develop contents that the students from South East Asian countries and China can enjoy, the program provided a platform for people to enjoy Korean educational programs.  I look forward to develop our programs and turn them into our university’s symbolic global programs.”

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