Daegu Health College Develops Cognitive Rehabilitation Contents ‘VR-AIN’


Daegu Health College (DHC / President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) LINC+ announced its development and patent registration of the ‘VR-AIN’ — a virtual reality based cognitive rehabilitation program.

Such achievements owe thanks to the Industry/Education joint technology development among DHC LINC+, clinical occupation therapists, and a local company Vine Tree Soft Co.,LTD.

The pre-existing rehab programs for dementia patients lacked reality, effectiveness and interest due to 2-D graphics. ‘VR-AIN’ supplements on such shortfalls, providing a full 3-D graphics to increase immersion and reality which enables a realistic rehabilitation of the 5 major cognitive areas (perception, memory, attention, orientation, and execution) . The program is developed with interoperability of motion detecting sensor and VR HMD (Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display) to allow easy use. Another great feature of this program is that the patient’s information can be stored to compare the before and after using quantitative data.

LINC+ had run clinical tests using ‘VR-AIN’ on 40 dementia patients in 4 rehabilitation hospitals in Daegu and Gyeongbuk for 6 weeks from last year October. Test results revealed increase as follows; 15% in visual perception, 11 % in daily living activities, and 2% in arm functions.

Asked on the stories behind developing ‘VR-AIN’, LINC+ director Dr. Kim, Ji-in (Professor in the Department of Nursing·52) said “Korea enters post-aged society in 7 to 8 years while dementia is already a social issue. DHC strives to contribute to improving national health by adding to local public health, medical and industrial development. We have been paying attention to the steep growth of VR in the market since it is one of the core technology in fourth-industrial revolution, and we wanted to create a stable profit model by proactively engaging in creative contents.

Dr. Kim, Jeong-ki, director of the Senior Wellness Center (Professor in the Department of Occupation Therapy·52) who played leading role in the development of the program said with much anticipation “VR-AIN will overcome many traditional limitations to the cognitive rehabilitation programs by providing realistic and consistent treatments to the patients suffering from dementia.”

DHC LINC+ plans to expand the sales of their new program to hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, psychological aid centers as well as local health centers. It also plans on registering the program to have HS code (standardized international system to classify globally traded products).

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