DHC Commences ‘the 5th Executive Course for Wellness Culture Industry”


Daegu Health College (DHC / President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) commenced its 5th opening of the ‘executive course for wellness culture industry’ at the eternal hall, 5th floor, Raon-Zena Hotel, 6pm on the 21st March 2019.

With Dr. Nam’s welcoming remarks, Director Choi, Gil-young of the Daegu Traffic Training Institute, President Song, Jun-gi of the Red Cross Korea Daegu Branch, and President Son, Byung-gap from the 4th iteration of the course delivered their congratulatory remarks.  Around 100 alumni from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th iterations of the course, as well as the distinguished guests, attended the event to congratulate 77 new students who have joined the 5th iteration of the course.

Among the new students are the vice mayor Lee, Seung-ho (Vice mayor of economy / Daegu), Mayor Kim, Dae-kwon (Suseong county), assistant superintendent Bae-Seong-geun (Daegu Metropolitan Office of Education), and vice chairperson Kim, Hye-jeong (Daegu City Council).

Following the commencement ceremony Dr. Seo-min from Dangook University medical school lectured on ‘the society of parasites and human.’ Dr. Seo’s lecture shattered the prejudice people have on the parasites while providing ways for coexistence between the two.  Interesting stories on the harmless parasites were also introduced during the lecture.  Dr. Seo Min gained his popularity from TV shows ‘Veranda’ and ‘Talk to you’, and has also published ‘World history of medical science’ and ‘the parasites’

The executive course, which comprises 12 courses until 4th of July, has the concepts ‘comfort, joy, and life – [Comfort: programs primarily on liberal and humanities science and health issues], [joy: music, architecture, paintings and arts program], and [life: live exhibitions, CPR, and other experience programs].

Top class lecturers are invited to give lectures during the 5th iteration; Son, Mina – (former KBS anchor / the current CEO of SonMiNa & Company / principal of the school of life Seoul campus) and Dr. Yu, Hyeon-jun – (professor, Department of Architecture / one of the best Architect of Korea).

President Nam, Sung Hee said during her welcoming remarks “With meticulous preparations and systematic courses, I will do my best to help you live in wellness (compound word of Well-being and happiness) and become great leaders.”

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