DHC Establishes an Alumni Association for ‘Executive Course for Wellness Culture Industry’


Daegu Health College (DHC / Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) alumnus from the executive course for wellness culture industry (WEC) established an alumni association with ceremony on 27 MAR at Raon-Zena Hotel, commencing their alumni activities starting on the 28th.

Approximately 200 guests to include Dr. Nam, Daegu vice mayor Lee, Sang-gil, Namgu county mayor Cho, Jae-goo, Daegu city council vice chairperson Kim, Hye-jeong, and Daegu women’s council president Seo, Jeom-bok attended the ceremony to bless the alumnus.

Korea Red Cross Daegu Branch President Song, Jun-ki, elected as the head of the alumni association (completed the 1st iteration of the executive course) said during his inaugurating speech “we became alumnus through DHC’s executive course.  I will serve as a pivot thinking of this course as a cartwheel as we act together and help one another.”

President Nam emphasized “I sincerely congratulate that you have become alumnus thanks to the establishment of the alumni association.  I would like to ask for your continued passion and interest for your alma mater — DHC.  DHC will do its best to support the alumni association.”

The guests enjoyed dinner following the ceremony, sharing bonds and thoughts on developing the DHC, local community, and the alumni association.

DHC executive course for wellness culture industry has 320 graduates over the 4 iterations; many politicians, business leaders, and top government officials took part in this course, while the on-going 5th iteration has 77 students.

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