DHC Hosts the Vocational Higher Education Policy Task Force Meeting and the Korean Council for University College Education Board Meeting


Devised Key Policies and Development Tasks During the 2nd Vocational Higher Education Policy Task Force Meeting

Voted Nay Against ‘Robot Campus’ Proposal in Polytech College During the 127th Board Council

Daegu Health College (DHC / President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) hosted meetings with key college officials to devise measures on the policies and developments.

The Ministry of Education (MoE) and the Korean Council for University College Education (KCCE) hosted the 2nd vocational high education policy task force meeting at DHC on 27 MAR for 3 hours from 11AM.  Around 30 officials were in presence during the meeting; KCCE president Lee, Ki-woo, vice president Dr. Nam, Sung-hee, chief secretary Hwang, Bo-eun represented the KCCE; director of higher education Kim, Gyu-tae, vocational education policy director Kim, Tae-hoon, college policy chief Ahn, Soo-mi, college corporate team chief Choi, Min-ho, education and employment chief Go, Young-jong represented the MoE, while some of the regional college presidents were in presence as well.  They discussed on the following to better the current policies; 1.) Diversifying class terms to enhance vocational training, 2.) Financial support to aid changes in educational environment and educational reform in colleges, 3.) Rectifying differentiated higher education policy and increasing financial support, 4.) Establishing vocational higher education system and expanding the life-long education organizations, 5.) Actualizing the structural reform policies, and 6.) Rectifying the universities copying college majors.

The 127th Korea University College Education Board Council was followed by the previous meeting at the same venue at 3PM.  The KCCE voted nay against the foundation of ‘Robot Campus’ within the Yeongcheon Polytech College in Gyeongbuk.

KCCE executives had clear justifications; 1.) Many colleges already have various majors related to robotics, 2.) Recruiting more students is against the MoE’s University reformation policy, 3.) Establishing similar majors in colleges is against the Ministry of Economy and Finance’s policy as stated by the vice minister.

The KCCE executives stated “there are 712 students in 3 robotics-related majors/departments in 3 colleges in the Gyeongbuk region (where Yeongcheon is located), while 924 students are enrolled into the similar majors/departments in 14 colleges Korea-wide.  It is more effective to nurture the existing pool of resources utilizing forms such as a consortium.”

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