President and Students Perform Special Event at Daegu Health College New Comer’s Orientation


The University President and the Student Representative Performs ‘Nanta’, and the Student Council’s Moderate Drinking Campaign Well Received Among Students

Daegu Health College (DHC / President Nam, Sung-hee) hosted the new comer’s orientation on campus where the college president and the student representatives performed a special event which was very well received among the new comers and their parents.

DHC’s new comer’s orientation was hosted for two days from 21 to 22 FEB where 2,400 students from 20 departments were divided into two groups to take part in a day of orientation on one of the two days. At the center of the attention was the college’s president Dr. Nam, the student representative, and the professors performing a special stage. They wore same uniform and performed nanta – the traditional Korean fusion percussion performance – which grabbed the new comers’ attention with a loud applause in return for their spectacular performance. DHC had been preparing this surprise event as a friendly approach to welcome the students.

President Nam (64) said “we chose to perform with the song called ‘Amor fati’ which is a Latin phrase that may be translated as ‘love of fate.’ We chose this song to show the new comers that we are bound by fate and that we welcome them with love. DHC is open to all our students and ready to help them when needed. We have been planning events to assist students’ college life and their successful transition to their desired career, so we had a dance performance 2 years ago and a fashion show last year.”

Student council’s campaign was equally special. The campaign objective is to prevent students forcibly offering alcoholic drinks to the new comers while enjoying the college life together. The Campaign is called ‘moderate drinking and healthy culture’ or more commonly known as the ‘Yellow bracelet campaign.’ The campaign sends message throughout the campus not to insist alcoholic drinks to those who wear the yellow bracelet. Followed by the campaign the introduction of the student council, representatives, and independent student bodies were provided, while the college honorary ambassador presented an introduction to the DHC and tips for life in DHC. The student council displayed more performances and events, followed by more information session to aid the new comers. New comers then moved to each departments to receive briefings on majors, toured the labs, and met with their professors and seniors.

President of DHC Student Council Oh, Chang-ryeol (22·Sophomore, Department of Dental Technology) said “we prepared the orientation with our sincere hearts to welcome the new comers. We spent precious time with new comers without insisting on drinks while enjoying healthy programs which allowed us moments to talk to them sincerely and get close to them.”


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