Sharing Thoughts with Young People


Sharing Thoughts with Young People on the Hidden Champions of Italy, the Small Businesses.

Daegu Health College (DHC / President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) hosted a special lecture on the 13th at the grand conference room (3rd floor, main building) with 250 students and the staff.  The lecture was part of the school’s innovation support project to share and expand righteous culture among the students.

DHC’s ‘Green Health No Smoking Support Center’ has been running ‘righteous culture education’ program.  The center has invited the former ambassador to the Vatican Mr. Kim, Kyoung-seok as a lecturer to share his experience on Italy’s culture on small businesses, calling them the ‘hidden champions’.

Ambassador Kim introduced the structures and characteristics of the outstanding small – mid size businesses in Italy, sharing the industrial developments and historical backgrounds of small businesses in one of the 7 most advanced countries of the world.  Ambassador Kim emphasized on the balanced development of small – mid size businesses in the industry and making of the world’s finest products ‘Made in Italy’ to secure its position as the 2nd largest manufacturer in Europe.

Ambassador Kim also pointed out; how the small businesses in Italy with less than 10 to 15 employees represent large proportion of the industry, how the companies with less than 100 employees lead the world market, and how there are more than 6,000 Hidden Champions – the small but robust businesses – in Italy with healthy industrial structures that can quickly adapt to the trends.  Ambassador Kim mentioned a need for a change in Korea’s social conditions, and closed his lecture by asking the students to take challenge and interest in the global world by looking for exchange and cooperation opportunities with Italian companies and exchange programs.

Song, Seung-yeon (department of dental hygiene·Sophomore) who attended the lecture said “I was surprised by the low gap of salary differences between the corporations and small businesses based on the level of trust in Italy, and also how the society holds no prejudice on people working for the small businesses. Through this lecture I have learned how small businesses can have their own color and pride for their job through improved productivity.  I have more interest in Italy’s economy thanks to this lecture.

Dr. Kwon, Won-an (52·Professor, Department of Physical Therapy), the director of the Green Health No Smoking Support Center who hosted this special lecture said “It was a pleasure as our students learned the professional attitudes and directions through the case studies of some of the best small businesses in Italy.  DHC is a world-class medical specialized college nurturing specialized medical experts.  I will plan for more quality programs that will help our students build work ethics and values.

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