50 Students from DHC Department of Fire Fight Safety and Management Selected as Fire Fighters over the Past 2 Years

25 students during the first half and 13 during the second half of 2018 / 12 during the first half of 2019 appointed as Fire Fighters


Daegu Health College (DHC / President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) announced on the 10th that the department of fire fight safety and management has made 12 of its students as fire fighters during the recent national fire fighters exam for the first half of the 2019.  DHC department of fire fight safety and management has made a great reputation making 50 of its students becoming fire fighters during the past 2 years.

2019 first half of the year Korea-wide fire fighter exam recruited total of 232 fire fighters.  Total of 4,110 candidates including 4 year university graduates took the exam, making a fierce competition of 1:17.7.  There are 64 colleges in Korea with fire fight safety and management departments – acceptance rate (passing the exam) is 3.6 per each university.


DHC department of fire fight safety and management holds a marvelous record in the Yeungnam region; the college has been number 1 for 23 years in a row producing most fire fighters since the first national fire fighters exam held in 1995 up to 2017.  21 colleges in Daegu, Gyeongbuk, Busan, Gyeongnam, and Ulsan have departments related to fire fight and safety.  DHC is a prestigious college in this field, making 381 fire fighters and 2,433 fire fight-related technicians thus far.


Kim, Bin (male, 30) has passed the recent national fire fighters exam, expected to be stationed at Gyeongbuk Fire Service Headquarters.  “I prepared myself since college to be certified as an industrial engineer firefighting facilities (mechanical and electrical), industrial engineer hazardous material, and 2 other certifications.  I have been studying the knowledge required for firefighting and worked at the safety and prevention office at a mall to learn firefighting works.  I will dedicate myself to ensure safety in Gyeongbuk region when I am appointed as a fire fighter, checking the fire prevention systems meticulously.”


Um, Ho-seong (male, 25) will join the Chungnam Fire Service Headquarters.  “Helping at the farm and improving physical readiness really helped because I wanted to be a fire fighter since I was young.  I am excited to make my parents proud, and I will respond to and help the citizens in need as a fire fighter.”


Dean of fire fight safety and management, Jeon, Heung-gyun (54) said “students who have clear goals to work as fire fighters or corporate safety/prevention officers are strongly motivated.  Professors and alumni are helping the students with 119 dream project and the mentorship program.  We also run our own physical test in preparation for the actual physical test during the national exam.  These are the success behind our college producing so many fire fighters.  I will continue to do my best helping students achieve their dream in the upcoming second half of the year exam.”

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