DHC Angels without Wings (Department of Speech Therapy) Provide Language Treatment on 800 Locals

Angels have treated children and adults from 2005 to this day


Daegu Health College (DHC, President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) department of speech therapy have been providing free language treatments to the locals.


Currently there are 54 children receiving treatment from DHC’s department of speech therapy.  Number of locals who received treatment since the establishment of the department sums up to 800.  Established in 2005, the department of speech therapy have been helping people from various age group, ranging from 3 year olds to adults.  Most patients are children with delayed language development.  Since 2014, the department has been running free therapy sessions for adults challenged with stuttering, inarticulate pronunciation and/or voice.  DHC is the only university among 40 universities in Korea with department of speech therapy to run professional speech therapy facility for adults.


Located in room 610 of DHC main building, the speech therapy room is equipped with various cutting-edge technology including multi-dimensional voice program (MDVP), nasometer, and aerophone II voice function analyzer.  Professor closely monitors two sophomore students who treat a child patient during the therapy session.


The department and the therapy room analyze children’s speech learning issues and provide appropriate information in a timely manner to diagnose communication disorder.  Students get to use their knowledge during the process, hitting two birds with one stone.

The patient and the therapist meet one on one in an optimal condition while the students can observe and learn outside the one-way mirror.  2 students are grouped into 1 to treat a child patient for 6 months without school break.  Therapy sessions require 3 visits a week and can take from 6 months to few years.  These sessions can be costly, but DHC provides free sessions for the patients.


Lee, Su-hee (48, resident of Jungsan-dong, Gyeongsan city) has been visiting DHC language therapy every week for a year.  “It is important to have interest in your child’s language development.  My child started receiving attention and recognition by using appropriate language, and became sociable by making friends.  I am truly thankful to DHC for helping my child build high self-esteem.”

Kim, Hyuk-beom, working in Bucheon health center (28, DHC graduate, class of 2015, department of dental laboratory science), said “during my college days I had to deliver public speech as a member of DHC honorary ambassador.  I was under a lot of pressure and started stuttering, so I received speech therapy for 6 months.  I learned an important lesson that the greatest communication ability starts with ability to listen.  I still enjoy the benefits from the therapy I received, and I appreciate professor Choi, Seon-young for providing emotional stability.”

Dean of speech therapy, Professor Park, Jin-won (46, female) said “I take great pleasure in volunteering for the community using my human centered reasoning in helping the handicapped overcome their communication challenges and improve their quality of life.  Speech therapy is a study of communication between a person to another – I will do my best to nurture speech therapists who are compassionate and competent.”

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