DHC Commences the 6th Iteration of the ‘Executive Course for Wellness Culture Industry’


Daegu Health College (DHC / President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) commenced its 6th iteration commencement ceremony of the ‘executive course for wellness culture industry’ at the eternal hall, 5th floor, Raon-Zena hotel at 6pm on the 19th.


With President Nam’s welcoming remarks, President Song, Jun-gi of the Korea Red Cross Daegu Branch, vice superintendent Bae, Sung-guen of Daegu Office of Education, and CEO Lee, Jung-ho of Daeyong R&T (5th iteration alumni association president) delivered their congratulatory remarks.  Around 150 alumni members from the 1st to the 5th iterations, as well as the DHC faculty members congratulated the 87 incoming students to the program.


Key members of the 6th iteration include; auditor Kim, Young-gyu of the Daegu Office of Education, Director Kim, Young-ae of Daegu Metropolitan City Citizens’ Happiness Education, Director Seo, Pan-gil of Korea Brain Research Institute, Director Choi, Eun-joo of the Daegu Art Museum, Chairperson Park, Gap-sang of Daegu City Council Construction and transportation committee, CEO No, Gi-won of Taewang ENC, and president Park, Chun-young of Interburgo Country Club.


Following the commencement ceremony, the incoming students enjoyed a jazz performance, introduction of the course faculty, and had an opportunity to mix & mingle among one another.

The 12 sessions of 6th iteration, lasting until 12 DEC, will have the theme ‘Know-Who’.  The concept of this iteration is to provide various programs such as health, culture, art, liberal arts, humanities, and performance to the Know-How experts of the 6th iteration.


DHC expressed its goal to provide quality lectures and differentiated programs to the executive course participants so that they can broaden their network while improving and prospering their lives.


Top of the notch lecturers are invited to stand before the 6th iteration; former baseball star, KBO ambassador, and CEO of Lee, Seung-yeop baseball foundation, Lee, Seung-yeop, Professor Kwon, Joon-su of Seoul National University Hospital department of psychiatry, CEO, architect and travel writer Oh, young-wook, and Director Oh, Dong-ho of Good Policy Research Institute.


President Nam during her welcoming remarks said “with meticulous preparations and systematic courses, I will do my best to help you learn healthy life and obtain compassionate leadership.”

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