DHC Department of Clinical Pathology Honored with 13 Alumni Certified with ASOPI


Daegu Health College (DHC – President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) announced on the 5th that 13 alumni from its department of clinical pathology, including graduates of the FEB 2019 Lee, Seung-min (24, female, Gangbuk Samsung Hospital laboratory medicine), Kim, Se-mi (24, female, Korea Red Cross), and Shin, Soo-in (21, female, Gangbuk Samsung Hospital comprehensive medical test center) passed the International Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) certification test.


DHC graduates were honored by passing the test thanks to completing the ASCPi emersion program run by the department of clinical pathology.  A differentiated, target oriented, and well positioned education program has played a critical role behind the success.  Department of clinical pathology has been educating students based on NCS (National Competency Standards) to increase their competitiveness, and anticipated that the local hospitals are recruiting talents with ASCPi certification.

Lee, Seung-min scored the highest in the national clinical pathology test and also passed the ASCPi certification.  “In the United States, the clinical pathologists are improving diagnosis efficiency through artificial intelligence and deep learning.  As a clinical pathologist, I don’t want to stagnate but rather continue to challenge in the new area.”


Kim, Se-mi said “I took ASCPi immersion course a month before my graduation and it really helped me pass the test.” She said to the DHC juniors “I think it will be beneficial for them to study English, join various on-campus programs, and earn ASCPi certification so that they can improve themselves and expand their career opportunities overseas.”

Dean of clinical pathology, Professor Ahn, Seung-joon (56) said “it is a true honor thanks to the students who have followed our program.  Clinical pathology is crucial in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention in public health, especially in the era of bioscience industry.  I will continue to nurture global talents with great sense of professionalism.”

Students can earn bachelor’s degree in clinical pathology by taking major specialty course in DHC department of clinical pathology.  Department provides various programs including ASCPi course, blood-gathering and physiology diagnosis, and ToEIC for English language development.  DHC has been putting efforts in providing students with opportunities to receive on-the-job performance evaluation and feedback from professionals in the field.  In addition, DHC has been providing career aptitude tests and realistic guidelines for students’ career development.

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