DHC Department of Early Childhood Education Popular Among Local Students Who Visited Infant Teacher Experience Class


Daegu Health College (DHC / President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) ‘Infant Teacher Experience Class’ attracted many local high school students and ended with huge success.


DHC department of early childhood education hosted an experience session on the 21st, inviting 18 students from Suseong high school in Daegu.  Students had hands on experience of college life with department professors, which helped them understand their potential major and future career.


DHC invited local students in order provide to college department information and help them choose their major and future career.  Thus far 107 local students from 7 high schools joined the experience program, and more are signing up for the upcoming sessions.


Department professors explained on theory of early childhood education (early childhood development, play instructions, infant education history, child observation and behavior study, early childhood textbook research and instructions) while the participants had opportunities to make class materials and simulated role-play as teacher and student.

Participants had ample opportunities to research their future studies looking into characteristics by each department, core studies by each major, employment rate, possible jobs, and applicable certificates.


Park, Ji-soo (sophomore, female), a participant in the experience program said “DHC department of early childhood education has finest facilities like class behavior monitor room, so I decided to come and see for myself.  It has been a meaningful time for me to get a step closer to my dream of becoming a kindergarten teacher.”


The host and dean of early childhood education, Pyo, Chang-woo (male, 45) said “DHC department of early childhood education has received straight A’s (2017, 4th period / 2013, 3rd period) from the ministry of education and Korean educational development institute’s yearly evaluation on teacher nurturing institutes.  Our ratings on education environment, performance, and specialization have been proved to be excellent.  On top of the excellent environment and education quality, we will provide a systematic education while making our students happy in support of nurturing professional infant teachers.

DHC department of early childhood education has 90.0% employment rate as of December 2017 (college information announcement standard), with 83.4% satisfaction rate from the employers (early childhood educational institutions) as of 2018.  In 2019, DHC alumni Cho, Min-kyung (class of 2011) passed the 2019 public kindergarten teacher certification exam in Gyeongnam.  The department of early childhood education runs 4-phased programs such as public kindergarten recruitment assistance program to support its students prepare for the national level public teacher certification exam.

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