DHC Department of Social Welfare Hosts Oath Ceremony for Social Workers


Daegu Health College (DHC / President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) department of social welfare hosted the 15th social worker’s oath ceremony at the grand conference hall, 3rd floor of the college main building in the afternoon of the 10th.  Approximately 150 people including president Jeong, Yeon-wook of the Daegu Association of Social Workers, as well as the department professors, alumni, and students attended the ceremony.

Social workers’ oath ceremony is a ceremony held for social workers to establish their identity as a social welfare expert and provide them an opportunity to reflect on themselves.


77 Sophomore students who took the oath on this day sworn in to their oath, that they will ‘protect the human rights and interest of people who are left out and suffering, and devote their lives as social workers with ethics and responsibility standing up against unethical and immoral practices in the society.’


Freshmen students performed sign language performance to congratulate their seniors who took the oath, and spent meaningful time sharing bonds.


Department student chair Lee, Jae-won (20, sophomore, male) said “volunteer is an act of sharing your compassion and joy with others.  The oath ceremony has given me a motivation to serve as a role model to make this world a better place helping our neighbors.”
Dean of social welfare, Do, Geum-hye (43, female) said “I am confident that their oath will serve as stepping stones for them to believe that they can make this world a better place.  My department will continue to nurture social welfare / childcare professionals as they are much needed in the 21st century’s welfare country.”

DHC commenced its first oath ceremony for social workers in 2005 – a first ceremony of its kind held at local colleges in the region.  Social workers’ oath ceremony is hardly found Korea-wide as well.  Such ceremony largely contributes to building self-esteem as a social worker – a job viewed as a specialized profession lately.

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