DHC Department of Social Welfare Provides Well-dying Education for the Elderly


Daegu Health College (DHC / President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) department of social welfare received praises for providing an educational program to help the elderly prepare for their beautiful last moments.

Professor Jang, Gyeong-eun and 5 members of the student volunteer group Songlim Rotaract provided “Preparing for the last moments: education for local elderly to improve self-unity” for 8 sessions from 26 April to the end of June.  Sponsored as part of the 2019 Daegu Metropolitan City University Living Lab Project, the program aimed at improving elderly’s quality of life by reducing fear of death while increasing awareness.

Professor Jang selected 20 elderly from the list of recommended people provided by Gangbuk Center for the Elderly.  Program agenda included; understanding the ‘death’ education, drawing life chart, making bucket list, creating plaster fist, understanding life and death through movie and drama, writing my death story, and planning for the remaining life.  Participants received assistance in making personal portfolio which provides personal reminders in their everyday lives – such effort received positive feedbacks from the participants.


DHC Professor Jang, Gyeong-eun (department of social welfare, 46 / Female) said “this program finds its meaning in assisting the senior citizens to overcome their fear of death while living their remaining lives to the fullest.  I felt sense of accomplishment listening to those who enjoyed the program and said that they will volunteer for the community for the rest of their lives.”

Professor Jang and her students will commence the 2nd Well-dying program for the local elderly citizens starting August.

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