DHC Hosts the 22nd Indang Volunteer·Bohyeon Filial Duty Awards to 176 Nominees


Daegu Health College (DHC / President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) hosted the 22nd Indang Volunteer Award and Bohyeon Filial Duty Award ceremony, awarding total of 176 nominees including Mr. Kim, Jin-woo (senior, Jeong Nam Jin high school in Jang-heung, Jeonnam province) and Ms. Kim, Yeon-jeong (senior, Dongwon high school in Tongyeong, Gyeongnam province).

DHC hosted the award ceremony at 1100 in the morning of the 13th at the campus main building’s conference room.  60 people including President Nam, DHC staff, awardees and their teachers participated in the 22nd Indang / Bohyeon award ceremony.  DHC received 362 recommendations among 239 high school seniors Korea wide, and evaluated the nominees through external panel members.  Mr. Kim, Jin-woo and Ms. Kim, Yeon-jeong received the grand awards for Indang volunteer award and Bohyeon filial duty award respectively.  Along with the 2 grand awards; 2 golden awards, 15 volunteer awards, 12 filial duty awards, and 145 participation awards were given.


Winner of the Indang volunteer grand award, Mr. Kim, Jin-woo has served his community for 946 hours in 318 occasions from March 2017 up to now.  Kim has been helping in the local nursing homes and child welfare centers.  Kim has also been active in his self-development; Kim has certificates in 50 various fields to include auto maintenance, construction equipment, excavator, loader, crane, farm equipment maintenance, and document automation.  Kim said “there is no limit to sharing, and I will continue to volunteer because I feel consolation when I share with people.”

Ms. Kim, Yeon-jeong, winner of the Bohyeon filial duty award, works diligently for her dreams despite hardships.  Her disabled parents and financial difficulties does not stop her from being a selfless role model in her school.  As an outstanding student in her school, she has been highly praised for her devotion to help her parents while looking after 4 siblings.

DHC provided 100,000KRW scholarships to the two grand prize winners, with additional offer for full scholarship if they enroll into the DHC.  In addition to the grand prize winners, two golden award winners received 500,000KRW, and 30 volunteer / filial duty award winners received 150,000KRW each.  Participation award winners were given certificates and small gifts.  All awardees are offered additional points with free enrollment fee should they apply to DHC.  DHC hosted 22 Indang volunteer award ceremonies and awarded 2,531 students with total of 580,000,000KRW worth scholarships thus far.

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