DHC Professors and Students Volunteer Domestic and Overseas


Daegu Health College (DHC / President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) professors and students in public health fields donated their talents both in and out of Korea.  Dean of the department of physical therapy Lee, Jae-hong, professor Seo, Hyun-gyu and Kwon, Won-an, and 5 students volunteered to treat musculoskeletal issues and provide physical therapy to 300 local residents in 10 villages in vicinity of Bleberan, Special Region of Yogyakarta.

Volunteer service started from 10 in the morning and ended at 4 in the afternoon.  Each professors teamed up with 2 students and each teams treated 30 residents a day.  Receiving physical / electric therapy for the first time in their lives, many residents were satisfied enough to bring their family members and friends on the next day.  The volunteers provided physical therapy for 3 days and the remaining days were used to demonstrate various Korean traditional activities; making Korean fan, trying Hanbok (Korean traditional clothing), Yut-nori (board game), learn how to sing Korean folksongs, and play Jegi (Korean foot bags).


Dean Lee, Jae-hong (50) said “this may be a small gesture from us but locals will have great image of Korea for what we have done.  I also think our students had a great opportunity to improve their skills while feeling sense of accomplishments.”


Department of dental hygienics lectured on proper oral care methods (proper ways to brush and interdental brushing), and provided oral care products to 300 Air Force service members and the local residents at K2 airbase, ROK Air Force Logistics Command.  6 hours of volunteer service which began at 10 in the morning involved department dean Jeon, Young-ran,  4 professors including Lee, Yoon-hee and Park, Jung-hyeon, and 12 students from the department.

Dean of dental hygienics department, Jeon, Seong-hee (45 / female) said “we volunteered at request from the Air Force, and it was a meaningful time to see the service members enjoying and appreciating our students sharing their talents.”

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