DHC Receives Praises for Success at 2019 First Half of the Year Education Innovation Seminar


Daegu Health College (DHC / President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) hosted a seminar on the 11th to cultivate professors’ quality and received great responses from the participants.


DHC vocational education development center has been hosting five sessions of ‘2019 first half of the year education innovation seminar’ from 16 MAY.  Seminar is part of ministry of education’s college innovation project.  Seminar’s agenda include; case study on establishing and enhancing capability based curriculum, case study on developing humanities curriculum in support of vocational training innovation, case study on innovating quality management for capability based curriculum and subjects, case study on authenticating and establishing system for unofficial curriculums, and case study on evaluating students’ core capability and establishing management system.  5 lecturers including Kim, Hye-gyeong (director, education performance management center, Sunmoon University) and Lee, Gil-jae (director, education innovation research center, Chungbuk University) lectured during the seminar.


146 staff including DHC vocational education development advisors, curriculum development advisors, vocational education development center officers, school system development TFT, vocational education development professor, and the 2019 vocational education development center research project professor participated in the seminar.

Participants said they were able to set the ground for curriculum development and quality management in support of school’s capability development through this seminar.  Participants gave 4.7 out of 5 on the overall quality, understanding, helpfulness, and necessity of the seminar – highly satisfactory in overall.


Director Yoon, Young-soon, (46, female / director for vocational education development center / professor in department of early childhood education) whom spearheaded the seminar said “this seminar helped DHC take its first step towards the school’s long term vision [2025 Human up, Value up].  We will continue to host quality seminars throughout the second half of the year.”

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