DHC Trains National Health Insurance Corporation Staff Korea-wide

Designated as the “2019 Physical Examination Advanced Action Officer’s Course” provider, giving 25 hours of training for 4 days in 2 sessions


Daegu Health College (DHC / President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) has been selected as the “2019 physical examination advanced action officer’s course provider” by the national health insurance corporation (NHIC).  NHIC viewed DHC as the optimum educational institution to provide theory and practice training, considering DHC’s advanced lab facilities and the research tools which can help improve physical examination trainings and competencies.  Prestigious faculty members at DHC health related field, as well as specialized trainings based on each physical examination category, have also been factored in for NHIC’s evaluation.

In addition, the DHC hospital – the first health college hospital in Korea – has reputation for its finest medical staff and endoscopy room.  Excellent environment offered by DHC proved why it provides top of the quality trainings.


DHC held trainings in two sessions; 3 nights 4 days from the 13th and the same from the 20th.  From Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Daejeon, and Gyeongin, 133 action officers in charge of physical examination and/or redemption gathered to receive training on ‘physical examination advanced action officer’s course.’

Course curriculum entailed 9 subjects totaling 25 hours.  On the 1st day the DHC hosted welcome reception and provided endoscopic test training at the DHC international conference room and the DHC hospital respectively.  On the 2nd, the trainees received oral check-up procedures at the dental laboratory science department, followed by physical examination training at the clinical laboratory department.  3rd day offered diagnostic radiology class at the radiology department, followed by musculoskeletal disease prevention and taping at the physical therapy department.  On the last day, the trainees received histopathological examination at the clinical laboratory department, followed by BLS at the nursing department.  Trainees completed their course at the course completion ceremony.


18 professors from the departments of clinical laboratory, radiology, physical therapy, dental laboratory science, nursing, and DHC hospital’s internal medicine and laboratory medicine worked together to develop the curriculum and lectured for the trainees.


Graduate of DHC department of radiology (class of 2016) and the current staff at NHIC Uljin/Yeongdeok branch, Choi, Jae-hoon (26) expressed his thoughts. “I am impressed with the quality of training I received.  The tools we used were something we couldn’t see elsewhere, and the training course focused on solving questions before going into the check-ups.  I am deeply moved by the efforts of my alma-mater and its professors, and this was a chance for me to realize the importance and the role of DHC in national healthcare.”

Program director and the dean of clinical laboratory Ahn, Seung-joo (56) said “the audience for this year’s training were action officers who administer physical examinations.  Their roles are directly linked to the people’s health, so I worked hard with my teammates to ensure we share accurate professional knowledge and practices.  The trainees seem to be satisfied and I am glad I could have been part of contributing to the national health.”

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