DHC’s Participation in the 2019 Daegu Career Fair Ends in ‘Huge Success’


Daegu Health College (DHC / President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) career experience booth at the 2019 Daegu Career Fair received spectacular reviews from its visitors.

DHC ran its nursing and public health booth during the fair at Daegu EXCO from 19th to 20th. Young students and their parents experienced the medical field in advance thanks to the DHC’s medical profession previews.  DHC booth simulated nurses and public health professionals administering a patient suffering multiple fractures at the ER.


Young students who visited DHC booth witnessed the DHC professionals treating the patient by dressing the wound, checking the pulse, administering CPR and providing other emergency treatments.  Blood/blood sugar tests, vital tests, emergency CPR, cardio auscultation, infant heartbeat and position checks were demonstrated as well.  Radiology section offered ultrasonic waves for maternity as well as thyroid checks.  Department of admission assisted prospect students with the latest admission information and career counselling.

DHC booth was a huge success, attracting more than 2,500 students and their parents just during the two days.  Dean of nursing school, Park, Hee-ok said “I introduced public health and medical fields to the young students in one setting but with much effort so I can realistically help them determine their career.  I feel sense of achievement seeing great responses from the participants.”


Ms. Kwon, Nan-ah visited EXCO with her daughter who is about to take the college scholastic ability test.  “I was a bit frustrated helping my daughter with her career planning, and the DHC’s experience booth was an eye-opener.  DHC booth helped us have more interest and understanding of public health and medical professionals who work in hospitals.”

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