President Nam Continues Presidency at Daegu/Gyeongbuk Council for College Presidents


Daegu/Gyeongbuk Council for College Presidents (President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) hosted its 153rd regular general meeting on the 12th at Hotel Interburgo in presence of 17 local college presidents.

During the general meeting, Daegu Health College (DHC) President Nam was re-appointed as the president, Gyeongbuk College President Choi, Jae-hyuk as vice president, Suseong University President Kim, Sun-soon and Hosan University President Park, So-gyeong as national executives.  Yeongnam Technical College President Park, Jae-hoon was appointed as the auditor.  President, vice president, and two national executives are re-appointed from last appointment and will serve as vice president / executive to the Korea Council for University College Education (KCCE) for two years staring 5 September.  Newly appointed auditor Park serves his first appointment.

Prior to the appointment, Keimyung College University, Gyeongbuk Science College, Sunlin University, and Pohang University introduced their new presidents (President Park, Seung-ho, Kim, Hyun-jung, Kim, Young-moon, and Han, Hong-soo respectively), followed by Secretary General Hwangbo, Eun’s year 2019 KCCE key policy briefing.

Re-appointed as the president, Dr. Nam (63) of DHC requested “I ask for all your hard work in making college the hub of higher education and continued learning.”  President Nam added “along with vice president and the executives, I will do my best to convey and reflect our position to the KCCE.”

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