DHC Hosts ‘Emergency Management Drone Campaign’


Daegu Health College (DHC / President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) hosted ‘emergency management drone campaign’ in support of developing medical professionals to monitor disaster area and work as emergency management experts.


30 students who completed emergency management drone education program boasted their various skills in front of their colleagues and faculty members at the college main building from 10 o’clock in the morning on the 12th.

Students used educational drones to exercise while attaching no-smoking campaign posters on the drone.  Students also exhibited posters educating how to respond to natural disaster such as earthquake, hurricane, and heat wave.  Posters on no-smoking, smoking prevention, withdrawal symptoms and alternatives to smoking were also displayed as part of their exhibition, helping DHC students effectively respond to natural disaster and understand the importance of no-smoking.


This campaign was hosted by the green health · quit smoking assistance center as part of college innovation assistance project.  Quit smoking assistance center recruited 10 students to take emergency management drone program and educated (history of drone, understanding flight principle, flight regulation, etc.) the participants from 4 NOV to 11 NOV.

Woo, Yeon-ju (19 · freshman in department of nursing), a participant to the campaign said “I was happy to have taken professional drone education because I was always interested in it.  This program gave me experience to simulate how to respond to emergencies in my future career.”

Host and director of green health · quit smoking assistance center, Professor Kwon, Won-an (52 · professor in department of physical therapy) said “students enjoyed their opportunity to understand the correlation between public health industry and emergency management.  I will continue to develop programs to help my students improve their competency in their job and prepare for the future.”

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