DHC Indang Museum Invites Hong, Gyeong-taek ‘Great Obsession’


Daegu Health College (DHC / President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) Indang Museum invites hyperrealism and pop artist Hong, Gyeong-taek to exhibit 『Great Obsession』until 15 December.  This exhibition is a compilation of Hong, Gyeong-taek’s works; 59 paintings including Hong’s most notable works such as the pencil series, bookshelf series and funkchestra, as well as the most recent works will be presented.


Hong’s works fill the canvas using ordinary material such as ball pen, pencil, and book; everyday items that we don’t give second thoughts are depicted with strong color on the canvas.  Hong’s most famous work the ‘pencil’ series is characterized by dozens of forms and primary colored pencil illustrated as if the pencil is to stretch out from the canvas.  It looks almost like a launched rocket, while the center resembles a festival.


Hong’s funkchestra is a composite word from funk and orchestra.  Hong visualizes repetitious rhythm of modern music and stimulating sound though language of painting.  Hong adds life to ordinary things in life in his canvas to enlighten us that our lives aren’t meaningful.

“I like paintings without empty space, filled with greasy sweat” – is a quote by Hong, demonstrating his preference in inherently exaggerated works where the colors and objects seem like division of cells.  This is Hong’s way of expressing compulsion in the real world, reflecting paranoia in our modern society.

Exhibition halls 1 to 4 display Hong’s paintings, while hall 5 is decorated with his records and collectibles.  Indang Museum director Seok, Eun-jo (48. Female, professor of early childhood education) said “this exhibition is a great opportunity to get a close up experience of Korean contemporary art while broadly understanding Hong – rising star of Korean contemporary arts.”


Various education programs are available at the Indang Museum lobby during the exhibition period.  Visitors can try 《my coloring》and 《I am curator》making their own leaflet.  Indang Museum will also present a 20 persons (pre-registered) program where the Indang supporters will provide a docent program.  Indang Museum is closed on Mondays, open from 1000 to 1700 for free.  Contact: Choi, Hyeon-jeong (curator), Indang Museum at 053-320-1857.

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