DHC Indang Museum Invites Professor Jeong, Byung-mo to host Museum Talk


Daegu Health College (DHC / President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) Indang Museum invited Professor Jeong, Byung-mo (starred on JTBC ‘Differential Class’) from Gyeongju University to the Museum lobby on the 30th at 11 o’clock.  Professor Jeong gave his 1st Museum Talk on the topic of 『Life in Sarang-bang*  – dignity of Yangban*』

100 attendees including DHC faculty members, staff, students, and local residents took 2 hour lecture from Professor Jeong’s insights; wooden furniture used in Sarang-bang during Joseon era, relationship between Yi-ik (scholar), Gang, Se-hwang (government official), and Kim, Hong-do (painter), and understanding the life and sentiment of Yangban during Joseon era depicted in Kim, Hong-do’s paintings.


Indang Museum’s ‘Museum Talk’ is part of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Korea University Museum Association’s 《2019 University Museum Promotion Business》.  The purpose of this project is to utilize human / material resources of university museum and run educational programs tailored to each region in order to share cultural knowledge with the local residents.


Indang Museum has been selected to be part of this government business for 2 years in a row since last year, and this year the museum has been providing Hwa-gak* craft sessions, performances and lectures to its visitors. 27 Hwa-gwak craft sessions have been run since April under the title “strike while the iron is hot”, attracting 400 elementary, middle and high school students.  On 28 August, the museum hosted a concert 『Traditional melody in movies』.  Indang Museum plans to host the 2nd museum talk inviting Professor Jeong again at 11 o’clock on 27 November to lecture on 『Life in An-bang*, Ladies’ talks』



* Reception room in a house for male guests

* Aristocrat

* Korean traditional craft used to make furniture and/or containers using horn

* Master bedroom

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