DHC Industry Academic Cooperation Team Hosts Senior Food Festival


Daegu Health College (DHC / President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) industry-academic cooperation team recently (19 OCT) hosted senior food festival at Hyosung Memory School in Buk-gu, Daegu.  Festival was part of Daegu City’s university living lab assistance project ‘senior nutrition and diet sharing’; more than 100 participants from the school’s elderly students (dementia patients) and their family members, volunteers, and DHC staff participated in this festival.

Festival had 4 zones with each theme; nutritional evaluation and diet survey, order-less food corner, snacks of memory, and photo booth.  Order-less food corner offered beef rice, banquet noodle, curry stir-fired rice cake, and seafood pancake.  Elderly participants received orders and were directed to place the correct orders on table in order to enjoy meal with their family.  Nutritional evaluation and diet survey corner had 4 nutritional scientists providing body composition tests and diet survey / analysis, while Professor Kim, Mi-ok (DHC department of food and nutrition) conducted nutritional evaluation.  Snacks of memory and photo booth were used as venues for the elderly to look back at their past and remind themselves on the importance of healthy life.


‘Senior nutrition and diet sharing’ is an industry-academic cooperation effort between DHC and Hyosung Memory School.  Project involved Nutrition Talk Talk program in May, senior cooking class and nutrition plus class in June, developing nutrition tools to prevent dementia in July and August, followed by senior health quiz in September.


Professor Kim, Mi-ok during her speech in front of the audience explained the purpose of the senior food festival and shared the results of the program.  She informed the risks associated with fat and muscle loss through her body composition tests, provided the solutions, and concluded the program with her advice on importance of consuming more riboflavin, calcium, and vitamin A to improve the quality of life.


Professor Kim (49) said “I will continue to develop and apply nutrition tools for the elderly, and I also look forward to continue dietary / nutritional classes for the dementia patients.”


Daegu City’s university living lab assistance program is a community project for the city to network with local universities in order to provide solutions and assist cooperation programs for various issues in the community.

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