DHC Designated as Training Institution for MoHW Health Consultation Staff for 3 Consecutive Years

First institution in Gyeongsang region to be selected for 3 consecutive years


Daegu Health College (DHC / President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) has been designated for 3 consecutive years as the overseeing training institution to train Ministry of Health and Welfare (MoHW) health consultation staff.  Such result is unprecedented in the Gyeongsang region.


DHC announced on the 10th that it will provide vocational training to 43 newly appointed MoHW health consultation workers for 20 weeks from 9 DEC 2019 to 24 APR 2020.


The health consultation workers’ vocational training is to better understand Korea’s health and medical policy, and to cultivate effective skills to provide health promotion services in vulnerable areas (i.e., rural farm / fishery towns).  MoHW employees will complete 20 weeks training to be appointed as directors of health care centers in vulnerable areas.  They will serve their role as ‘health care providers’ in their respective areas to improve health and quality of lives for local residents.


DHC will provide excellent lecturers and education program to actively assist the health care providers from MoHW.  DHC’s curriculum entails 4 weeks of professional theory, 10 weeks of clinical training, and 6 weeks of on-site practice.  Upon completion, the health care providers will be capable of providing initial treatment, and plan health promotion campaigns.

President Nam during her welcoming remarks said “I look forward to see the trainees cultivate their skills so they can provide effective health promotion services in the future.  I also hope that our trainees become warm and professional directors in their region.  DHC will give unwavering support in ensuring the trainees becoming true professionals.”

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