DHC Executive Course Hosts ‘Talk Concert with Lee, Seung-yeop’


Daegu Health College (DHC / President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) wellness culture executive course hosted talk concert with Lee, Seung-yeop at Raon-Zena hotel on the 28th.


Mr. Lee, Seung-yeop (CEO, Lee Seung Yeop Baseball Scholarship Foundation) received warm welcome as he stood on the stage; Lee had Q&A session, gave his signed baseballs and took photos with his fellows at DHC executive course.

On the question “likelihood of coaching at Samsung Lions”, Lee answered “after retirement I first found the baseball foundation, and pledged myself that I will not return to the stadium for 3 years.  Samsung Lions is the team that made me who I am today, and I really love the team.  I wish I could be part of the team again, as long as the team wants me.  Even with better offers from other teams I am not going elsewhere.”

On the question “why did you start playing baseball? What made you the best Korean baseball player in the history of KBO?” Lee answered “I loved sports since when I was in elementary school.  I chose to become a baseball player and my parents weren’t happy at first, but my decision was the best choice of my life.  When I had hard times I could only think about moving forward because it was my decision to play baseball.  As for me becoming the best player, I can’t thank my family enough.  My parents always emphasized on healthy body and healthy mind.  My wife and family have been great supporters, and as for my friends in the KBL, I can’t event list one by one because there are too many.  I was able to become what I am today thanks to the support from the people around me, and I sincerely appreciate all their help.”


Members at the DHC executive course sincerely listened to Lee, and enjoyed their humbling moments with the legendary player.

DHC wellness culture executive course is a combination of culture, arts, and humanities; the course aims at developing health programs and improved awareness on the wellness.  This course provides creative, human resources oriented, and cooperative network through various humanities lectures and programs.


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