DHC Faculty Gives Scholarship to Students

Faculty Association Has Donated 140,400,000 KRW to 204 Students in Past 18 Years


Daegu Health College (DHC / President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) faculty members have donated their money to give scholarship to the students.

On the 22nd, DHC faculty association (president, Professor Lee, Sang-ho) gave 500,000 KRW each to 7 students from 7 departments including sophomore Kwon, Hyun-jeong (dept. dental hygiene) in conference room, DHC main building.


The faculty association has been giving scholarship to the students since 2002.  Faculty association created scholarship steering committee for students and donated portion of their pay check each year.  Total of 204 students have received scholarship from the faculty association totaling 140,400,000 Korean Won.


Secretary Kim, Gu-hwan (50, professor, dept. of radiology) said “I deeply thank my fellow faculty members.  I wish our sincere hearts to encourage our students will be shared with the students.”

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