DHC Hosts EXPO to Expand Industry – Academic Cooperation Program

Co-hosted with 4 Exhibitions Including Capstone Design


Daegu Health College (DHC / President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) recently (19th) hosted 『the 2019 EXPO to Expand Industry – Academic Cooperation Program』at the conference room, DHC main building.


As part of junior college innovation program, DHC co-hosted 4 programs to include ▶ venture idea exhibition and LINC+ industry-academic cooperation enhancement ▶ Capstone design exhibition and competition.

The purpose of this EXPO is to enable students to plan and design their own prototype products and idea to invigorate venture entrepreneurship while expanding employment opportunities.  Participants in each exhibitions received prototype and business plan consulting from partnership industries.  Program and prototype poster contest was held in the morning, followed by awards ceremony in the afternoon.


▶ 172 participants of 38 teams from 13 departments participated in venture idea contest; 10 teams received awards including the winner ‘yellow sunflower’ from the dept. of radiology who received 1,000,000KRW. ▶ 97 students participated in field practice essay contest; 12 students received prize with Kim, Mi-jeong (junior, dept. of nursing) winning 500,000KRW. ▶ Capstone design exhibition and contest welcomed 52 teams from 10 departments; 13 teams won the prize with the winner ‘Karihajo’ from the dept. of early childhood education collecting 1,000,000KRW. ▶ 6 teams from 10 departments entered fusion·mixed Capstone design contest; 3 teams added their names on the final list with ‘E.T’ from dept. of dental hygiene and dental technology winning 1,000,000KRW.  Total of 193 teams participated in the contests on this day, with 38 teams returning with trophies.  Total prize money added up to 18,700,000KRW.

DHC also delivered an award to the winner of venture idea contest hosted outside DHC.  Team ‘Dodam-Dodam’ from dept. of speech therapy has won the participation award from 『the 2019 digital social innovation idea contest』.  Team ‘Mantong’ from dept. of nursing has received 60,000,000KRW worth research and development fund for developing capsule type insulin smart syringe at the 『the 2019 Daegu Metropolitan City Local Research Activity Assistance Project』.


President Nam delivered these awards to the winners with her praises.

DHC director of student employment services Jang, Ki-hwan (53. Professor, dept. of dental technology) said “More than 500 persons have joined at the EXPO which made this event very successful.  I will continue to do my best to promote venture spirits within the campus and help students’ brilliant idea to see the light.

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