DHC Indang Library Hosts e-Information Fair·Book Club Awards Ceremony


Daegu Health College (DHC / President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) Indang library hosted e-Information fair and book club awards ceremony on the 27th at Yeon-ma hall lobby and international conference room.  More than 300 persons including DHC students and faculty members attended.


The e-information fair helps the students and faculty members better understand IT lecture, language, e-book, e-journal, and academic database provided via web and mobile services.  e-information fair has been continued for 5 years, promoting the library while maximizing utility.


Agenda of this fair primarily focused on the introduction and live demonstration of how to use e-information.  Electronic information companies such as Korea Academic Information, YES24, Nuri Info, e-info support center, Proquest, Absko, and Moajin took part in the fair.


Student participants collected stamps from each booth and received tickets that were used for raffle later to win Nano wheel kickboard, 2nd generation air pod, friends mini clover, and gift coupons.

At 5 pm in the international conference room of the Yeon-ma building the ‘book club’ awards ceremony was hosted.  Book club recommends essential books for college students to read for college life; 1 professor and 5 students form a group to regularly hold book discussions, write book reports, and host exhibitions.  Book club has been part of Indang library’s activity since 2018; each semester the book club helps students cultivate their culture and character, and also helps with employment and personal development.


Library selected 6 teams after a fair evaluation.  The winner of 1st prize ‘the White (dept. of occupational therapy)’ received 300,000KRW, 2nd prize winners ‘All New Doran Doran (dept. of radiology)’ and ‘Bongole (dept. of food and nutrition)’ received 200,000KRW, and 3rd prize winners ‘book tree (dept. of early childhood education)’ ‘ReadyRead (dept. of nursing)’, and ‘Gaon Nuri(dept. of physical therapy)’ received 100,000KRW respectively.


Team leader of ‘the White’ Lee, Hyeon-bin (freshman, dept. of occupational therapy) received the 1st prize for his book review on Yang, Chang-soon’s ‘I decided to be rough.’ “You can find abundant information online easily, but nothing compares to the knowledge you gain from reading a book and discussing with peers.  I want to take this chance to promote book reading to the students.”

Indang library director Lee, Yong-deok (57·professor, dept. of physical therapy) said “Indang library provides various services required from our students and focuses on communicating with them.  I will do my best to continue reading campaigns and make the library a place of joy.”

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