MoE Central Training Institute Trainees Visit DHC Career Experience Training

Career Experience Program for Senior Administrators (Local Secretaries from MoE Korea Wide)


Daegu Health College (DHC / President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) Career Development Team received huge praises from trainees of the Ministry of Education Central Training Institute (MoE CTI) for its career experience program.

DHC student career development team hosted health related field career experience programs for the senior administrator course trainees from CTI on the 19th.  42 secretaries from Korea wide (including Jeju) MoE employees took part in this program.


Trainees from CTI experienced physical therapy career experience program.  The program involved 6 full time physical therapy professors systematically explaining on the scope and outlook of a physical therapist.


Course agenda included; understanding human body, self-treatment of musculoskeletal disease, taping therapy, and chiropractic.  Trainees were provided a better understanding of physical therapists with quality theory and practice trainings.  This program served as an opportunity to improve awareness on vocational schools and vocational trainings to the educators so they can assist students lead competency based life.

Dean of physical therapy department Lee, Jae-hong(50) said “DHC health related departments boast excellent faculty, facility, and curriculum.  We will continue to assist educators better their understanding of health related professions.”


DHC student career development team was selected as an‘excellent institute’ from MoE in NOV 2016 and ‘certified career experience institute’ in 2017.  The team has signed career experience activity MoU with Daegu and Gyeongbuk region office of education, and another MoU with CTI for human·material resources cooperation.  DHC runs career experience program by each department for educators (principal and vice principal) in middle and high school.  The career development team, as required by DHC, also engages in developing career education to allow people experience various quality programs.

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