Three Brothers in “DHC Dept. of Optical Science”

Father is also an optician; 4 men say optician is the most attractive job


Three brothers from a family major in same studies at same school.  Jeong, Woo-cheol(24), Woo-seong(20) from DHC dept. of optical science are gaining attention for their unusual family background.  Their older brother, Woo-hyeon(26) graduated from same college in 2017.  To add surprise to this coincidence, their powerful supporter and father Jeong, Kook-jeong(51) is an optician who runs his spectacles shop (eye market·Yuseong county, Daejeon).  The four men are taking their path as opticians.

The father’s spectacles shop has been a home and playground for the two younger brothers since they were young.  It was a place for them to broaden their imagination and curiosity.  The three brothers who grew up watching their father naturally dreamed of following their father’s steps by becoming opticians.  The brothers said “we remember vividly how our father ran optometry for the customers and made glasses.”


The father had a huge influence in three brothers’ decision to go to DHC dept. of optical science.  Mr. Jeong said “DHC established the department of optical science in 1984 for the first time in Korea.  There are more than 4,200 graduates from DHC who now work as opticians in various fields from manufacture, design, logistics, and marketing.  My 30 years of experience tells me how much it helps to have so many alumni in the field.”

For the two younger brothers, the eldest brother Woo-hyeon’s advice helped progress their lives.  Woo-hyeon who now works for his father makes quick market analysis, preoccupies the brands and selects designs.  He quickly tracks database of his customers and market his business to assist his father.  Woo-hyeon’s firm belief in the sense of professionalism painted bright future for his younger brothers in the field of optical industry.


The two brothers are exemplary students of DHC; maintaining good GPA in college with active participation to various exhibitions.  “We experienced more than 20 cutting edge equipment like auto edge machine and auto refractor.  We also have clinical practice in various forms such as simulated spectacles shop to train ourselves systematically.  We are taking one step at a time to achieve our dream, and once we graduate we plan on taking bachelor’s degree course.”  The two brothers advised to the high school students waiting on their SAT “DHC dept. of optical science will be their best choice to study.”

Although the three brothers aren’t together now, they rely on one another thinking they will one day walk the same path.  The eldest son has plans to set differentiated distribution chain while the two younger brothers envision designing their own brand.  Woo-cheol and Woo-seong said “Our father’s knowledge and brother’s positive drive, when added with our young and trendy sense, will turn our business into a dinosaur in the optical industry.  We are making thorough preparations here in DHC.”

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