DHC Makes Prominence in Health Professional National Licensing Tests

- 2 top scorers, 100% passing rate (occupation therapy), high scores from all departments -


DHC (Daegu Health College / President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) produced 2 top scorers in each category, a department with 100% passing rate, and 17% higher points in overall compared to national average (percentage point) during the 2019 national health personnel licensing examination board administered tests.


Kim, Sin-wook(26, male), junior at department of clinical pathology scored 278 out of 280 at the 47th national medical technologist license test, scoring the highest among 3,521 students from 50 colleges nationwide.  DHC department of clinical pathology produced 4 top scorers over the past 6 years.  Ok, Se-yoon(32), junior in department of physical therapy also scored the top during the 47th national physical therapist license test.  Ok scored 249 out of 260, the highest among 5,070 students.

DHC department of occupational therapy produced 32 students who all passed the national license test, recording 100% passing rate for 3 years in a row since 2017.  The national average passing rate was 91%, 9% short of DHC’s average.  Department of clinical pathology and radiology produced 224 and 199 students who passed the exam respectively, marking highest passing rate nationwide.  Each departments recorded passing rate of 93.3% and 85.8%, which are 6.6% and 8.7% higher than national average respectively.


Department of public health administration recorded 14% and 12.7% higher passing rate in public health information manager and public health teacher level-3 license tests.  Department of optical science made 86.3% passing rate, 13.2% higher than the national average of 73.1%, while department of speech therapy marked 87.2% passing rate at speech therapist (level 2), 12.5% higher than the national average of 74.7%.


Passing rate for DHC physical therapists was 95.7%, 9.9% higher than national average of 85.8%, while dental hygienist marked 90.3% passing rate, 5.7% higher than national average of 84.6%.


DHC’s success behind high passing rate in national license tests largely comes from the school’s 48 years of health specialized knowledge, analyzing the trends of tests and providing prep sessions for the students.  DHC’s professor support center contributed to the success as well.  The center established national license management system and operates 12 programs to prep students with tailored program, fundamental study clinic, and leveled courses.  Students are proactively engaged in these programs while each departments run their own study groups, making a virtuous cycle.


DHC vice president Kim, Han-soo (61·Professor, department of occupational therapy) said “DHC has huge departments where number of students taking national license tests are 2 to 8 times larger than other universities.  The dedication of our faculty members and the passion and efforts from our students were the factors behind such honor of producing top scorers and high passing rates.”


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