DHC Student Kim, Sin-wook Tops the 47th National Medical Technologist License Exam


“I had F in all classes. Have I imagined scoring the top in the national exam? I was surprised to hear the result.”


DHC (Daegu Health College / President Dr. Nam, Sung-hee) junior Mr. Kim, Sin-wook scored the top from the 47th National Medical Laboratory Technologist (NMLT) exam.  Kim scored 278 out of 280 (99.3 in 100) announced by the National Health Personnel Licensing Examination Board.  Kim was the highest scorer out of the 3,521 students from 50 colleges national wide including 25 universities.

Kim’s college life began faltering.  Kim enrolled into DHC simply because it accepted his CSAT scores, and obviously he didn’t have sense of purpose or alternatives.  Lack of motivation for education intensified his internal struggles. During his first semester as a freshman, Kim received F in all classes and received academic probation.  Kim joined military as an escape from his college life.  Returning to college didn’t change much on Kim’s motivation.  What is the secret behind Kim’s success?


Kim has been part of night class which offer lectures from adjunct professors who have plentiful clinical experience.  Practical and field oriented lectures painted Kim’s goal, because lab technician seemed similar to Kim’s childhood dream of becoming a scientist.  Kim said “this is when I had motivation and started putting my efforts with sense of assurance.”  Focusing on his studies in sophomore, Kim surprised himself by receiving scholarship for his excellent GPA.


Kim devoted himself to clinical pathology.  He even begged his parents to buy used microscope to study hematology.  Kim sampled acid-fast bacilli smear test and gathered blood from his family and relatives using lancet to make hundreds of blood film samples.  “I was happy looking into the microscope and I didn’t realize the time passing”, explains Kim on how he regained confidence and passion.  Kim added that his professors’ encouragements and guidance, as well as mock tests provided by DHC based on the students’ need greatly helped.



Kim distinguished himself in major programs administered by the department.  Kim completed blood gathering class which is compulsory in his department, and furthered his ability by taking his passion to research on fungus with his professor to present during the symposium.  Kim also served as a representative for juniors in college.  Kim organized a study group and helped those who had challenges studying the national exam.  Kim knew what it was like to be in trouble; he was deeply moved by seeing changes around him as he shared his knowledge with his peers.


As he met his goal by scoring the top at the national exam, Kim (26·Male) revealed his next goal “it used to take two weeks to examine tuberculosis germs through cultivating method, but PCR test meets same goal in just 4 hours.  Currently, the MALDI-TOF can test 300 specimens and 2,500 fungi using its database in 10 minutes.  I want to be a professional scholar in clinical pathology who cannot be replaced by machines and AI.”


DHC department of clinical pathology has produced 4 top scorers in the past 6 years in the national exam including Kim, Sin-wook, Lee Seung-min (class of 2019), Jeong, Young-sook (class of 2016), and Lee, Gyeong-hwan (class of 2015). 240 students from the department take this national wide exam, and DHC boasts 93.3% passing rate, continuing to uphold its reputation as the best health and medical department in the country.

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